How to Bet Selections

All wagers on money line favorites should be to WIN the amount of the wager

All wagers on money line underdogs should be to RISK the amount of the wager

The selections are based on a 1-5* rating system, with 5* being the highest rating

Each star should represent one fifth of your maximum wager amount


Always bet the Favorite to WIN the specified star amount.

Always bet an underdog to RISK the specified star amount.

The 3 Team Best Bet System consists of a series of eight wagers:

Please note:

  1. In the MLB and NHL there are no teasers so there will be seven wagers
  2. In Football use a three team 10 point teaser
  3. In basketball use a three team 7 point teaser
  4. Any Money Line selections should be switched to Pointspread wagers in teasers